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250 CTOs share their biggest challenges for 2019

January 30th 2019
The LA CTO forum interviewed 250 CTOs to find out what they expect to be their greatest challenges in 2019. Some answers were as expected, others were a surprise. The large volume of responses allows for a detailed insight into the minds of CTOs and if you are a CTO reading this, we would love to hear your thoughts on whether your experience is the same or different.

The rating scale was 1-5 with:
  1. Not a challenge
  2. A small challenge
  3. Somewhat a challenge
  4. Definitely a challenge
  5. Keeps me up at night

Here are the results:
Recruiting and security came out on top and is not too much of a surprise. On the security side, cybersecurity is on everyone's minds and it occupies many rooms in the minds of CTOs as they continually look to evolve and protect the internal IT systems. On the recruitment side, this is a pain that all CTOs can relate to, especially on the contingent labour side. Finding skilled and talented individuals that are available at the right time, at the right price and for the right duration is no small task. Not to mention how long it takes to bring them in and up to speed with the various projects. If the candidate pool is tiny and you can't find exactly who you're looking for, that is a very difficult situation to be in because you are faced with the decision of either hiring a wild card and risking having to re-hire again very soon, or holding out for the right person and paying the price of putting more pressure on the internal teams.

In third place is the concern of how to best spend the time that CTOs have available. Which teams do they give their time to? What personal development should they focus on? Which projects to prioritise and which to delay? There are a dozen questions buzzing through CTOs heads at any given point. Finding a systematic approach to organising their time in a way that they are happy with is challenging, especially considering that security and recruiting concerns that can take up so much of the CTOs time.

If you're a CTO, what are your top 3 challenges? We would love to hear them so join the conversation on our LinkedIn page!